3. Results

Experiment and average results
Raw data is shown in Table 1. The 1st try, 2nd try, and 3rd are the number of drops dropped before white precipitate is shown. Average number refers to the average of drops of the three data collected from each tea sample. The data is then presented as bar charts in Fig. 3.

Table 1. Measuring number of drops of tannic acid solution into each tea

Type of tea     1st Try            2nd Try               3rd Try            Average number of drops

Yellow Label           1                          1                         2                         1.34

Green Tea                6                          5                         6                         5.67

Blueberry Black       4                          3                         3                         3.34

Jasmine Tea            14                        11                      17                       14.00

Earl Grey Tea           2                          2                        2                          2.00

Ti-Kuan Yin Tea      10                        7                         11                       9.34

Lemon and                5                          8                         4                          5.67     
Lime Twist
Green Tea

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.10.24 PM.png
Fig. 3 Summary of Results

Summary of Results
From the graph, Yellow Label Tea has the most amount of caffeine while Jasmine Tea has the least amount of caffeine.        

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